Art, Sculpture, Work

Sacred Geometry

This is a literal transformation of the contents of the Sacred Geometry book into a 3d sculpture. The tree grew from elements cut in consideration of the golden ratio and the fibonacci sequence.

Creative Direction, Strategy, Work


IMVISIBLE is a design challenge hosted by IDSA NW for the Seattle Design Festival. We engaged the community in rethinking the giving system during the months leading up to the Seattle Design Festival, and presented the result to a panel of judges and the public through the Design Festival’s block party.

Role: Co-Founder and Creative Director
Team: Liberty Harrington, Drew Fletcher, Anthony Garzzona, Henry Hiltner

Industrial Design, Wayfinding, Work

Seattle Design Festival – Wayfinding

Sparksy Design was tasked to create a modular system of way finding pieces for Seattle Design Festival’s Block Party. We designed and built a system that could be assembled and disassembled into different configurations such as 27 sandwich boards, 3 pillars, and one informational kiosk. Karass Creative led the graphic design assets for the information that was printed and displayed in the signage.

For Design in Public
by Sparksy Design
In Collaboration with Karass Creative
Role: Industrial Designer

Seattle Design Festival Block Party 2016 Seattle Design Festival Block Party 2016 Seattle Design Festival Block Party 2016 Seattle Design Festival Block Party 2016




3-inchruleearrings1 earrings2

Industrial Design, Jewelry, Stuff by Ana, Work

Scale Collection

The Scale Collection is a series of jewelry pieces with secret lives as drafting tools. These pieces celebrates women in the Design, Architecture and Engineering industries in a subtle and sophisticated way.