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Strategy and Lessons from Noted Pop-up

Every month at Capitol Cider a one-of-a-kind retail experience happens. It’s the brainchild of my good friend Ashley Allbritton, the fierce female behind Rive Collection.

We transform the Ballast Bar of Capitol Cider into Noted – a pop-up shop featuring Female-led brands with meticulously curated pieces from Rive Collection, and handhewn pieces from my own brand – Stuff by Ana

Having a pop-up shop have several challenges. Marketing being the biggest one. Our location presented an unusual opportunity because we’re at the basement bar of Capitol Cider, so walking traffic would be very difficult to get. In order to catch attention, we turned the cage/ lobby of the building into a teaser of what’s downstairs and used the grates as a canvas for some sort of installation.

The front side of the building also got beautiful flower arrangements with eye-catching Pop-up sign.

100 Pinwheels
Flower and Balloon Arrangement

To create an ambience, we had a live piano player that added an unparalleled touch of sophistication for a calm and enjoyable shopping experience.

Jeremy Dupea Live Piano Music


My Display Strategy:

Stuff by Ana is my minimal but cheeky line of products, so their retail display needs to be cheeky and minimal as well. I used stacks of 8.5×11 sheets of white paper as the platform for each of the product. This is a trick I learned from one of my colleagues before. It’s so easy but very clever. You can literally print graphic assets anywhere and anytime incase you have some accidents.


Jay Collection - Washable Paper Bags Stella Mini Parol/ Christmas Ornaments

We’re just going to keep improving every month, so keep us in mind as you start your holiday shopping!

Noted will be held at Capitol Cider every Second Weekend of the Month. For October, Stuff by Ana will not be there as I am traveling but Rive Collection will have a great collection of things, so make sure to come by!

Jacob by Ieva Ansaberga
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My Three Must Visit for Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk

First Thursdays in Pioneer Square is a big part of my monthly routine. I think it’s important for everyone in the creative field to go to a museum or gallery once in awhile and surround themselves with art. If you’re in the creative field like me and you need a boost of creative energy, you should explore the galleries of Pioneer Square’s Art Walk on First Thursdays to recharge your creative juice. It’s a bit overwhelming, because there’s so many galleries and local businesses that participate for the Art Walk so here’s my top 3 must-visit to help you plan for the following months.

Foster and White Gallery

Foster and White has a great collection of art across different media every month. Sculptures, Photographs, and Paintings take patrons through a range of emotion as they go through the space. The staff are knowledgeable and very friendly. If you go upstairs, their balcony is connected to the balcony of Greg Kucera’s gallery next door.

Foster and White – Website

Will Robinson - Flicker

Will Robinson – Flicker

Axis Gallery

There are plenty of reasons why I love Axis. The most important one is that if you come early enough, you can find some of the artists that are currently showing, and they might have time to chat with you. There’s wine and a photobooth as well, making the gallery a natural space for meeting other art lovers.

Axis Gallery Website

Jacob by Ieva Ansaberga

Jacob by Ieva Ansaberga

Heavy Head by Claudio Duran

Heavy Head by Claudio Duran

Intrigue Chocolate

The owners of Intrigue are artists with chocolate as their media. I come here when I’m not having such a good day, and one of their truffles have the power to fix anything. Kick-off your Artwalk adventure with Intrigue’s sipping chocolate – starts at 6pm. They also have a free art wall where you can take any of the blocks for a suggested donation of $5. All proceeds go to organizations that help homeless youth. I think it’s a great way to start your budding art collection.

Intrigue Chocolate Website

Intrigue's Art Wall

Intrigue Chocolate’s Art Wall


This is going to be on my top 10 TED talks of all time. During his pursuit of starting his own biennale, Shea immersed himself in the process by creating 100 artist personas all with their own perspective and artwork.

This has always been in my “back-up plan” if any of my future events doesn’t get enough participants from artists/ designers. It’s so amazing that someone has successfully accomplished it and the artists’ work were all so thoughtful.

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Museum of Glass – Tacoma, WA

I went to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA for the first time last weekend. It’s on my top 5 favorite museums easily. Experiencing the Museum of Glass starts outside of the museum. Its modern architecture stands out from its neighboring buildings and is easily identifiable as one drives by it.

If you’re taking the public transport to the Museum, you’ll have to walk through the Glass Bridge to get to the entrance. The bridge offers some cool views of the freeway, Tacoma Dome, and the Museums in the area. It’s decorated by giant glass sculptures and smaller glass sculptures suspended in ceilings or displayed in a freestanding wall.

Chihuly - Glass Bridge

The staircase that leads down to the entrance wraps around this structure. Inside is the hot glass shop of the museum. I think it’s the coolest design feature of the space, not just architecturally but also the experience it offers patrons.

The Hot Glass shop, hosts artists regularly. Patrons of the museum can watch the artist work. It also has a Kid’s Design Glass program that yielded my favorite pieces.

Mad Cat with One Ear

The Museum engages the public through its architecture and public space. It empowers glass artists through its galleries, museum shop and hot glass workshop. But most importantly, it has a program that encourages children’s creativity by breathing life into their drawings and turning them into glass sculptures.

If more museums are designed like this, art would be more attainable and easily experienced by the general public. It’s a public space, workshop, gallery, cafe and retail space all at once.

If you must check out their website to plan your visit. Link is right here