Design Art or Science?
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Design is Greater Than Art Plus Science

Web Designer Magazine is something I buy every month. They keep me updated since I’m a self-taught Front-End Developer. I found this article from the most recent issue. I almost didn’t read it because the title pissed me off a little bit, but I couldn’t come up with the words on why until now. And I hope these words accurately express what I think.

What bothers me about the question of “x design – art or science?” is that it minimizes design to be defined by just either Art or Science. Design is the combination of both. It cannot be just either or. When discussions about this are published, we end up dividing the creative community into scientists and artists, when in truth designers are neither but also both. And I don’t think we’re doing the creative community any favors by splitting up Designers into Engineers and Artists/Designers. At the end of the day aren’t we all solving a problem together with different skill-sets on how to execute an effective solution?

After reading this article, I concluded that I wish they used a different title. The article’s content was more of a discussion on which is more important in designing websites – The scientific part or the artsy part.

If website design is just art, it would be a poster or illustration, there wouldn’t be links or interactions. Conversely, if website design is just science, it would just be links that work, that may or may not be readable. 

The beginning of my future Grad School Design Statement:

I think it’s time to give proper credit to Design. It is bigger than Engineering and Art combined. It is the combination of something that works properly that users want to use. Let’s not question whether or not Design is Art or Science. It’s neither but it’s both.